What is Supercomputer?

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What is a supercomputer and when was it created ? A supercomputer is a computer whose working capacity is much higher than that of a normal computer. This is the reason why the word “super” has been used in it. These computers are used only because of their high-performance systems. Such computers have been used… Continue reading What is Supercomputer?

What is UPI ?

What is UPI? Friends, in today’s post we are going to talk to you about UPI. What is UPI and how does it work ?. While making online payment or paying your electricity bill, you must have seen the option of UPI in addition to Debit Card, Credit Card in the option of payment method,… Continue reading What is UPI ?

What is Motherboard?

What is Motherboard? Motherboard is a main circuit board that is inside the computer, to which all the parts of the computer are connected. Another name of computer motherboard is mainboard , it is also called system board, mobo or mb. A motherboard has cpu socket, expansion card slots, ports, connectors, chipset and many more… Continue reading What is Motherboard?

What is Microsoft Windows ?

What is Microsoft Windows ? Windows, also known as Microsoft Windows, is a computer program . Which is called Operating System . MS Windows is developed by Microsoft. Windows is a well OS, which is mostly used in desktop computers. At present, Windows has also been developed for small devices such as; Tablet PC ,… Continue reading What is Microsoft Windows ?

What is Internet?

What is Internet? Internet Lots Networks is a network of which the World of Computers provides exchange network computer connects to each other and the world . The Internet was discovered by Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf in 1969. The full form of the Internet is Inter-Networking and it is called, which means such a… Continue reading What is Internet?

What is a computer?

What is a computer?  First of all let us know the introduction of computer. The word computer is derived from the English word “compute”, which means “to calculate”, that is why it is also called calculator or computer or computing machine and it was invented to calculate. There was a computer calculation machine in simple… Continue reading What is a computer?

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